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Beatle Slash RPG

"... a day in their lifes"

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Beatle Slash RPG
This is a Role Playing Community to play a Beatle or a Beatle-Related people, is based in the year of 1964. (And as the name says... it's an SLASH community)
You can visit this sites for information about dates and events

( 1 ) If you're going to post out of character start it by saying it's an OOC post
( 2 ) Post at least once a week, we want this community to be active
( 3 ) If your going to be gone and wont be able to update for a while let me know.
( 4 ) DoNt WrItE LiKe DizZ' Is AnNoYiNg
( 5 ) Comment with the Title "All you need is love" so I'll know you read the rules
( 6 ) You have to have a journal just for this comm, and it has to have the name of your character.
( 7 ) Please add to your friends all the "Taken List"

Joining Form
( 1 ) Person You're Playing:
( 2 ) Journal URL:
( 3 ) Hotmail:
( 4 ) You have to post this as a comment in the spesific post in the community

1st List
John Lennon: johnnywlennon
Paul McCartney: musicalmacca
Ringo Starr: octopgarden
George Harrison: you_love_george

2nd List
Paul McCartney: maccabeatle
George Harrison: guitarxgod
Ringo Starr: lttledrummerboy
John Lennon: johnwinston

3rd List
Paul McCartney: paul_ramone


If you want to affiliate your comm, just leave me a comment :D

Because of the Beatles are just 4 guys, and maybe lots of people would want to play, I was thinking in divide the community in more than just one role play, but this is going to be like the center of all of them... just let me know of what you think about it ^_^ I can try to figure out a way to make it :D

Invite your friends to the community and have fun :D